Controls and Automation Assignment Help

Controls and Automation Assignment Help

Technology is fast advancing in the 21 century and machines are becoming part of our human life. We make use of control systems in various fields right from our home appliances to industrial processing and manufacturing.  In various modern homes, for example, we have motion sensor lights on security, temperature controlling thermostats on our air conditioners, etc. At the industry level, machines are slowly replacing the human labor force by taking over the repetitive tasks which humans find boring to do all day. All these reflect automation in our society but from an engineer's point of view, what do Control and Automation entail?

A Brief Overview Of Control And Automation

Control systems are mainly used to control machinery in which automation should be achieved. These systems act as the brains of the whole automatic process hence making automation possible. For students studying engineering, this is an important unit where students are usually taught how to model control systems to achieve the desired results in the automatic systems.

In machines, automation can be achieved in different ways. These include mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, computers. In most cases, these methods are applied in combination to make the processes more effective. This, therefore, is a significant field of study for all kinds of engineers.

Some Of The Advantages Of Automation As We Know It Today Are:

1.       Increased productivity

2.       Machines are more consistent in output than humans

3.       With the correct configuration, machines have proved to be more accurate than humans

4.       Reduced cost of human labor

5.       Machines can perform tasks that are beyond human capabilities of size, speed, weight, endurance, etc.

6.       Are highly effective in high-risk occupations where accidents may lead to fatalities.

Control and Automation Assignment Help

Students studying this unit are always expected to be able to generate models of control systems using differential equations, analyze the behavior of various control systems for given inputs, use mathematical models to describe system behavior, design stable systems, feedback control systems, etc. All these tasks involve complex mathematical computation which are highly challenging, and they require solid math skills to solve. As a result, most students have usually got poor results on such assignments.

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Topics We Cover Under Control And Automation

Introduction to Control systems

Stability analysis

Mathematical Modeling of dynamic systems

Steady-state response analysis

Transient response analysis

Root-locus analysis

Frequency response analysis

Controller design

Even though these are the common ones we encounter, the topics may vary with education levels and institutions. Nevertheless, we are still sure to help you achieve a quality grade no matter the topic. 

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Do My Control and Automation Assignment?

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