Cryptography Homework Help

Cryptography Homework Help

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What is Cryptography

Cryptography basically involves the techniques of encryption and decryption of data. traditionally, data would be encrypted in a particular manner and the sender would share the decryption key with the recipient to ensure only they can decode the encrypted information and access the original data.

Cryptography is still applicable in many areas where information security is key. The only difference is that Cryptography, as we know it today, has been highly digitized and most of the encryption and decryption processes are computer-based. The ciphers used are complex computer algorithms that can only be decoded by computers.

Cryptography Homework Help

For students, this aspect of computer science seems to be causing a lot of chaos mainly due to the highly sophisticated algorithms required. Modern Cryptography is highly dependent on mathematics and computer algorithms. Both the processes of encryption and decryption are entirely based on the algorithms developed by sophisticated mathematical techniques that can easily be carried out by computers.

Most students find the process of working with these algorithms a nightmare. For this reason, we brought on board highly experienced Cryptography professionals whose sole mission is to ensure students never fail in Cryptography.

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