Research Proposal Help

Research Proposal Help

A Research Proposal seeks to convince readers about the importance of a project. Our Research Proposal essay writing services recognize that it can be extremely difficult to write a research proposal. When it comes to Research Proposal essay assignment help, our professional essay writers are the most trusted.

What Structure Format Do Our Research Proposal Essay Writing Help Use?

A Research Proposal has to be between 3- 7 pages long. However, how do you achieve the length required? Here is a structure to use.

1. Topic: Identify a topic of discussion that you can investigate. Your Research Proposal deserves an interesting topic that defines your research proposal.

2. Abstract: Provide a summary of the research question, study rationale, hypothesis, method, and the findings. You may also highlight the procedure used, sample, and instruments.

3. Introduction / Background: In this section, highlight the research problem, show the importance of the research question, offer the rationale of the study, and indicate major issues to be addressed. You should also identify dependent and independent variables, hypothesis, and define key concepts to be used in the research proposal.

4. Literature Review: Read about your topic in peer-reviewed sources. Showcase your knowledge of research issues that relate to your question, give credit to researchers who have done previous research on your topic. Our Research Proposal essay writing help will demonstrate your ability to evaluate literature information and convince the reader that your Research Proposal will fill a gap in the literature.

5. Research Methodology: Offer an outline of the theoretical framework, research methods to be used, advantages and limits of approaches. When writing this section, our Research Proposal essay help online takes note of the below issues:

I. Design-Identify the type of design that will be appropriate for your proposal- Laboratory experiment or questionnaire studies.

II. Participants- Highlight who will be included in the study and the sampling procedure that will be used.

III. Instruments- Establish a questionnaire or measuring instruments to be used. Remember to determine their reliability and validity.

IV. Procedure-Include the activities that you intend to participate in and the duration it would take.

6. Results and Discussion: State the type of data you will be collecting and the results you hope to achieve. Our Research Proposal essay writing experts will convince your readers about the effect of your Research Proposal by mentioning the limitations and weakness of your research

7. Bibliography- Write a list of references discussed in the research proposal.

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